123DV designing for you in Chyby

Chyby is special to us - the beautiful lake, how buildings are in open space, plots, a good place to live, privacy, recreation, relaxation. We are convinced we can help to create special villas that can match the beautiful surroundings and your lifestyle.

Chyby plots are big, starting from 1000 m2, so programmatically there will be plenty of room for privacy, to include a swimming pool, wellness area or other specialized features from your personal wishlist into the Chyby villa design.

In Chyby we design luxurious villas ranging from optimizing family quality time and entertaining guests to nurturing intimate and peaceful private life: your preferred way of living will be key in our design process of your future Chyby villa.

We are happy to invest time and energy in this beautiful region by designing residences for you: we have a Polish network of contacts to help getting your villa built in Chyby more easily, smoothly process wise because of our close relationship with the municipality/mayor of Chyby.

If you wish you can contact Olga - our Polish project architect who had lived there since she was a child - from our design team, that can lead the process smoothly and knows about Polish culture and customs.


How we work

As a multicultural team we are used to working internationally and respect different cultures.

We break down the distance barrier through online meetings and new technology that helps us communicate our designs visually (walking virtually into the design through Virtual Reality technology, offering 3-d views and impressions), but also physically visiting your plot and meet face-to-face in Chyby when necessary.


More information about building in Chyby

Overview of plots in Chyby: click here for pdf

If you have any questions, whether in Polish or English, about 123DV building your Chyby dream villa or other questions, please feel free to contact us by leaving a message in the form below (below the villa pictures).

Imagine living in a 123DV villa in CHYBY - POLAND

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Please feel free to contact us about CHYBY - POLAND

For unique lots in Chyby, please contact:

Ewa Jurasz, mayor of Chyby
+48 501 556 798

For designing your 123DV villa, please contact:

Olga Łukaszewicz 
+48 724 128 645