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Beach, gallery and catwalk

What unique villa can we design for a family that travels the world and has seen everything? In this design, our aim was to create unique intense experiences within this modern villa, wherever you are: 

  • we imagined the entrance as a semi sheltered 'catwalk' for car drop offs
  • rooms which can be visually connected or separated by LCD glass walls
  • water covered glass floors for special effects
  • a living room which is suitable for private home concerts
  • bedrooms as mini retreats for ultimate relaxation
  • a wellness area including a swimming pool with a glass wall, where you can swim from the inside to the outside
  • a private beach with a jacuzzi
  • and a staircase designed as an art gallery


Red carpet treatment

Entering your home with a red carpet treatment feeling, having private living room concerts, swimming underwater from the inside to the outside of the house while having eye contact with someone in the jacuzzi at your own private beach, going up the stairs surrounded by art, relaxing in your bedroom as if you were in your own private cabana: hopefully these experiences make the family longing to return home wherever they are in the world.



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