123DV designs and realizes modern villas. Our goal is to create a sense of home in a modern villa. We translate your story, tailored to your needs, into the modern form, with attention to detail.

Form follows your identity

Personal contact is very important to us. First we listen to your story, with an open mind - on a confidential basis. We then like to surprise you with unexpected and exciting designs. Simple but effective. Sometimes technology is part of a complex design, but we see it simply as an extra challenge. As long as it contributes to a house that rises above all expectations in perception and comfort.

123DV Modern Villas focuses on both architecture and interior. From product design to realization. Our disciplines include architecture and interior design - from kitchens to furniture. A modern villa, in our opinion, does not only consist of the outside. It is precisely the connection between the inner and outer world that is important. Therefore, it is natural for us to include the design for the interior.

Creating a total experience

How does it feel? Like a bespoke suit, tailored perfectly to the wearer. Besides the interior design, we also include designs for lighting, sound and security. We don't consider sustainability a trend, but being self-evident.

Do you want to join our team?

Due to a lot of exciting new projects, we are looking for enthousiastic interns, for internships lasting for 6 months or more. Send us your cv and portfolio and we will get back to you soon.