Living in the city may be popular, for many the real dream remains a detached house in a landscape that has been designed around it. A unique place, completely tailored to your own wishes, where inside and outside integrate seemlessly.

But how do you as an architect design these villas? How do you translate the wishes of future residents into a coherent design? How do you anchor the house in an appropriate way in the landscape? And how do you make this property as sustainable as possible? We would like to zoom in on these and other questions about the design of villas this afternoon.

HofmanDujardin, 123DV and Chris Collaris each approach this task in their own way, but share an obsession to actually open homes to the landscape.

At 123DV you can almost read the individual wishes of the residents in the design. Every home gets its own character. For residents with Alaskan malamute dogs, 123DV designed a round house with as much view as possible, for residents who also want to be able to retreat from time to time, they designed a more enveloping home, and for residents who love liveliness, they designed a loft where the different living spaces merge. Every home tells its own story, which also shows in the custom designed furniture and special spaces.

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