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Private transport

Transportation is changing rapidly. In 2008 we designed our first villa with a power charger for an electric car: a novelty at the time. We were excited and wondering if that was going to be the future. Now we know electric cars are common. When we got our first request for designing villa types where you can return home with your private plane, we got excited again. 

John Travolta

We have researched existing villas for airplanes and discovered that most of those villas were average homes with a hangar next to it. For example John Travolta's home looks like a mini airport, where you can live as well. The arriving at the property experience by car is separated from the arriving experience by private jet. The plane area is dominated by functionality.

Integrated plane villa

If cars and planes can also be regarded as desirable aesthetic objects, maybe we should design an integrated plane villa instead of a separate home and hangar. Maybe we should design a villa where the plane and the car are a big part of the living experience. We envisioned villas where you can park your jet airplane and car right in front of the entrance door, staying dry on a rainy day when walking to your house, or to guarantee a warm welcome for your guests. Now we are wondering when we will receive the first request for designing a villa with a charger for an electric airplane.



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