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Boats, lawnmowers and guests

Panoramic views of the overwhelming nature from the living rooms and the bedrooms. Working on the sailboats in the boathouse. Relaxing after a hard day's work, riding on the ride-on mower, directly out of the storage room onto the lawn. These were important experiences to design.

Three buildings

We designed 3 buildings. A villa, a boathouse and a storage building. Together the buildings provide the necessary privacy towards the street and the neighbours. How can we blend in these buildings with the overwhelming natural landscape with lakes and farm buildings? The villa design has a split personality. To blend in with the neighbouring farm buildings, the streetside of this modern villa has style elements of farms: brickwork and solid looking walls, a very present roof lining that starts quite low, at the lowest floor. To blend in with nature, the gardenside of the villa and the storage building are inspired by pavilion architecture: more lightly built. The boathouse design reflects the design of typical storage buildings of farms. 


Besides the beautiful nature and the lakes, this area is well known for the presence of extraordinary birds. Bird spotters from all over the world visit the location just to see the birds. The family can spot these beautiful birds from their home. 

Comments from the clients

'The design of our new home was a very intense and radical project. Liong has translated our wishes very precisely through his personal approach. The power of Liong is guarding the balance between his unmistakable personal style and the client's wishes.  His ability to tilt the design and finding solutions is enormous.'

(Photography: Marlies Wessels)


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