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Modern villa in dune landscape

The exterior walls of the house are executed in natural materials such as stone and timber panels, reflecting the natural atmosphere of the surrounding landscape. The facade of the upper floor is cladded with timber panels, which are extended across the windows, resembling external Venetian blinds, providing more privacy where it is requested. To maximize openness to the garden, the living area is executed with a great deal of glass. Several free standing stone-clad elements provide the family with the privacy they desire. These have been designed to allow morning, afternoon, and evening sun to enter the house.

Bespoke furniture 

Custom-made furniture offers quality time at different moments of the day throughout the villa:

  • a lazy lounge chair with a fireplace as well as a television, all placed inside a freeshaped hole in a playful cupboard, located strategically between the kitchen and the living room
  • an extendable table, ready for both quick breakfasts or convivial dinners
  • a bath with seating area for 2 persons or children and an intimate shower with a view towards the garden


Home automation

All the rooms are designed to let in the sunlight deep into the interior. Hidden electric screens and shutters and custom designed wooden shutters provide the necessary shelter in summer and privacy. Heating, light, alarm, audio, shutters: all systems are iPhone controlled.



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