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Height differences 

The location had differences in height, because of the presence of an artificial hill. The clients also wanted a home with a differences in height. The design of Hill House reflects that idea. Entering at garden level with the entrance in the hill, the living room is elevated at the first floor. In 3 steps, each of 50 centimeter in height, the 3,6 meter high living room is followed by a 3,1 meter high kitchen area and ends in the most intimate master bedroom with a height of 2,6 meter. Height is used to mark the different functions and define the intimacy of experiencing the spaces. 


Hidden in the hill are a storage room and a second living room. In this room the husband can watch football with his friends, without disturbing his wife. 

Jacuzzi and stars

One day, as I visited the couple, they explained why they love living in this house. When we walked through the garden to the jacuzzi, they shared with me that one of the best moments being in the jacuzzi is in the evening, when you can look at the stars.


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