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I remember the first visit. The 10000m2 park with a pond including historical towers, all surrounded by huge old trees at the border, was overwhelming. The existing villa was designed by a pupil of the famous Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld. The garage in the basement for 3 cars, a huge study and bedrooms with a fully glazed facade towards the garden, the kitchen: in principle they were all suitable for a next life.

Around the fireplace

The living room had an addition designed as a conservatory with fully glazed facades. Here is where the family stayed the most because of the maximum contact with the park. The available fireplace increased the living experience. Although poorly built and low ceiling height, this was the best place in the whole house for them. We proposed to improve this place. We redesigned the old conservatory with a double height ceiling and fully glazed facades towards the park, with a fireplace and an integrated flowerpot for grandeur and intimacy.


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