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Living lounging

Luxury hotelrooms, cosmopolitan bars and lounges can create a feeling of relaxation. When the family showed us pictures with that kind of atmosphere that they wanted for their dream home, it became clear to us that we had to design a home with the intimacy and efficiency of a home, as well as the grandeur of a public lounge. As with hotels, the welcoming effect starts at the entrance. For this luxury villa we designed a waterfall in the street facade as a welcome effect and as an element of relaxation and a symbol of vitality. The living room is designed as a 25 meter long open space with floor to ceiling glass for an optimal inside outside experience. A curved wall, a sculptural staircase, a 6 meter long kitchen island/bar, and a half circular shaped children's play area are designed for intimacy, as well as grandeur. 

Surprising elements

In order to create a living space which is free from mess the curved wall includes integrated kitchen cupboards, television and a fire place. It also has hidden doors towards the garage, kitchen annex and gym. The kitchen island is designed with extendable bar- and table elements for different occasions: it can transform from an intimate place for after school family gatherings, into a relaxing bar after a workout in the gym, into a space for throwing big parties with a cosmopolitan lounge experience.

Waking up to nature

Understanding the busy daily life of the family, we designed the bedroom area as a relaxing retreat with an inside/outside pebble bamboo garden and a panoramic view towards the water in the adjacent park.



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