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Modern villa with outdoor experience

'On a sunny day you will not find us inside the house. Unfortunately, in our current home we have to turn on the lights in the living room, even in the summer'. This is what the family shared with us. It became the driving force for the design of their luxury home: bringing the outside in. Waking up and walking barefoot from your bedroom to the terrace into the living room. A heated terrace for longer outdoor moments, a 16 meter glass facade where the curtains totally disappear during the day for maximum transparency between inside and outside. Cooking under a 5 meter rooflight for maximum experience of the weather. These experiences we designed for this family who loves the outdoor life.

Clean and tidy

For this exclusive villa we designed a 16 meter long cupboard that starts in the living area and ends outside, at the outdoor terrace, for all the storage needs: a key/gsm charge/mail storage where you enter the living room, kitchen storage at the cooking area, integrated fire place, tv and audio system in the living area. The outdoor terrace side of the cupboard is a storage for garden furniture and garden tools. The cupboard also stores part of the 16 meter curtain. The custom designed cooking island includes an integrated garbage bin which can be reached from the top for quicker handling. The walk-in closet and bathroom in the master bedroom area are designed and positioned for minimum disturbance: one partner can get up early, take a shower and get dressed, with a minimum of disturbance through light or sound for the person who is still sleeping.

Form follows identity

The family lives in the villa for almost 5 years now. They shared with us: 

'Liong designed our house, the result is a piece of art, like he says "form follows identity". This distinguishes him from other architects! Moreover, he inspired us with his enthusiasm, energy and craftsmanship.'

'It's an absolute joy to wake up in this house. I open up the curtains and the light flows in.'

'I open up the sliding door and outside it's like the birds are holding a bird whistling contest. It feels like becoming one with nature.'

'In the middle of the forest, with light that is overwhelming, as well as breathtaking - it must be thanks to some special gift, for an architect to sense and design it that way.'

'A concrete floor with underfloor heating and cooling: an ideal combination, very energy efficient.'

'Every time I come home I get the feeling: 'What a privilege to live here!' I feel very lucky.'

Marco Felix, director contractor about Villa Veth

'I would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation. I admire how you incorporated the wishes of the family into your design. They are thrilled about the house. Again, my compliments!'


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