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Underwater world - Dalí - Jugendstil 

The passion of both clients for the underwater world, the artist Salvador Dalí and the fluid lines of the Jugendstil movement provided the basis for this villa’s design. By playing with colours, materials, shapes and the use of space, we ensured that the different areas merged into one another.

Round house, square paintings

According to Salvador Dalí’s 'paranoiac-critical method', design is 'an enlargement of the problem instead of its immediate solution'. Using this method, the client’s desire to create enough space to hang paintings was translated into a cylindrical main building with the spiral structure of a shell. Only then did we find the solution for the paintings. This meant that the method posed a fresh challenge to design thinking and styling.  


The melting clock from Dalí’s painting 'The Persistence of Memory' and his sensual Mae West Lips Sofa were the inspiration for the organically shaped cupboard: most furniture in this villa is custom designed along with the building and allude to the sense of alienation in Dalí’s art.

Family life and hospitality

The views through to rooms beyond are marvelously effective, enabling the family to stay in contact with each other. You can see the children watching television from the office. The use of organic shapes and sustainable materials lends the villa an informal, relaxing atmosphere, even though the house can also be a perfect backdrop for elegant receptions. 



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