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Wellbeing at home

One of the owners of this residence suffers from astma. For astma patients, dust is their biggest enemy. Our ambition was to design a dust free home: we used dust free materials as well as dust free installations. What makes us proud is that since 2008 that they live inside the villa, no astma attacks have occurred. 

Indoor swimming pool with glass roof

The family wanted an indoor swimming pool for the parents, for healty morning swims, for the children to play or for the whole family for lounging. We designed a swimming pool with direct access from the master bedroom, to avoid long walks though corridors and losing to much time for the daily swims. The swimming pool has a glass roof that allows indoor swimming in the sun. A machine creating waves in the swimming pool, a built in refrigerator, an integrated sound system and sauna are co-designed for a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Welcome home feeling

When returning home, the garage is often the first encounter with the building. How can we create a welcome home feeling starting in the garage? We designed indoor windows in the garage facing the swimming pool and the kitchen. When returning home and getting out of your car, you can already have contact with the rest of your family: children swimming or even your partner in the kitchen. Would that make you happy?

The family about Health House 

'123DV succeeded in translating our ambitions into a unique home. It truly is our dreamhome,'


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