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Eastern lifestyle

The Asian family of East West Villa loves to cook. The kitchen design is a result of long talks with the family. Their cooking rituals and the necessary requirements such as efficient routing, type of cooking devices, type of storage and lighting were important subjects, before starting to design their personal kitchen. The outcome of these conversations was to also add a separate second kitchen annex for the heavy duty cooking because of the noise, smells, smoke etc. 

Multi generation residence

In Asia it is common that multiple generations of a family live together. In the case of East West Villa, one of the grandmothers is living together with the family. There is a separate apartment that is integrated in the villa. The design makes it possible for the family and their grandmother to live together, as well as having both their own private lives. There is an extra amount of integrated storage space: also an essential feature of Asian lifestyles.

Courtyard with plants

This villa is designed for a modern eastern lifestyle - in cooking and in cherishing family roots. It is located in a western environment: Dutch farm grassland with horses. For us it was interesting to play with this east west theme. We added a courtyard with tropical plants next to the swimming pool and a 20 meter long red wall in the hallway. Walking through the red hallway, the indoor swimming pool and tropical courtyard add an eastern flavour to the overall modern living experience.


One day when their home was completed, I visited the family. In the evening when it was dark, the owner asked me to join him for a ride in his car. We ended up just a few 100 meters from the house. The owner pointed to a red glow in the dark. He said proudly: 'That's our house!' 



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