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The right bricks

This house, entirely made of bricks, blends with its surroundings. It is a lively type of brick, in a sleek bond with emphatically horizontal joints.

White interior

The contrasting interior was kept as austere and clean as possible and features flawlessly plastered white surfaces. The kitchen, cupboards and built-in appliances are completely white as well.

Extendable custom designed dining table

The dining table with a draw-leaf was specially designed. The table is part of a cooking island. It can be a table for quick breakfasts for one person and transformed into a large table overtime for dinners with friends.

Small scale big scale

The location of this residence is highly exceptional: flanked by small-scale detached semi-classical houses with gabled roofs on one side and a large apartment block planned on the other. The client wanted his dwelling to provide maximum privacy. The house represents the transition between these 2 worlds: the facade facing the apartment block is closed, with the exception of a protruding stairwell that offers an intriguing view along the facade - the other side of the building consists of an informal configuration of rectangular volumes, fitted with a large number of windows.  

ir. E. Bindels, director West 8 about Brick Wall House 

'The level of detailing in the house is very high. The way you walk through the house is very nicely done. I wouldn't mind living here.'

ir. B. Kuipers, landscape architect about Brick Wall House 

'I am surprised by the spaciousness of the house - particularly from the staircase with the great bay window. Because the furniture is also designed by the architect it creates a harmonious overall image of high quality.'


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