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Publicity and privacy

This 2000 m2 high end villa is designed for a couple and their dog. When they are in The Netherlands, this big villa is their top-notch relaxing retreat or the place for parties. 


At special events or celebrations the entrance provides a meet and greet area like those of hotels. The kitchen is desgned for professional assistance, such as external catering services. For a special experience, the glass roof in the living area can give social gatherings an open air feeling.


The villa as a relaxing retreat. Inspired by their love for sailing we designed an oval conversation pit with white leather benches and a hanging fireplace. The teak wooden floor with black joints and the surrounding outdoor water area might evoke the experience of being on a boat. Several 'portholes' are designed in the lean of the sunken bench for visual contact with the swimmer in the indoor swimming pool below. For practical reasons we integrated a doghouse, including an enclosed outdoor courtyard in the villa near the living room. 

Rotating library

We designed a library in the shape of a cylinder with 2 openings. With one push on the button the whole cylinder can rotate. When rotated, it can adapt to different needs. It can become a meeting point between the 2 adjacent studies or a lounge for clients with a panoramic view towards the garden. In this way we appeal to the love of the couple for 'James Bond' gadgets. 



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