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Fusion of past and present

In our transformation of the Aerdenhout Villa, we have achieved a harmonious fusion of past and present. This authentic 1930s villa in North Holland, originally attracted by its charming exterior and idyllic wooded location, is now a paragon of modern living comfort.

Preserving classic look

Our challenge was to modernise the villa while retaining its classic look. We achieved this by restoring the exterior, previously affected by inconsistent renovations, to its original state. With renewed thatched roof and repaired brickwork, we returned the villa to its original charm, which the residents greatly appreciated.

Transformation to contemporary living requirements

Inside, the villa was transformed to today's living requirements. We created open living spaces with lots of natural light, such as the living-dining kitchen connected to the living room. Large glass areas in the thatched roof and the removal of excess thatch led to an interplay of light and space, which significantly improved the livability and aesthetics of the villa. These interventions have also allowed previously unused floors to be transformed into full-fledged bedrooms, with residents now enjoying extra space and comfort.

Adding light and space

Our design aimed at adding light and space, with a focus on simplicity and spaciousness, resulting in a timeless and functional living experience. The addition of modern elements such as triangular windows enriched the exterior without losing character.

Sustainability as a central feature

Sustainability was a central feature of this project. By installing insulation, double glazing and solar panels, we created an energy-efficient and future-proof home. This has given the residents a sustainable, comfortable living environment that suits their lifestyle.

Increased quality of life for residents

Residents now experience a sea of light, enjoy the spaciousness and beautiful views, which significantly increases their quality of life. This project demonstrates our skill in achieving a smooth transition from historical charm to modern functionality, and strengthens the bond between the residents and their home.

Photographs - Copyright: The Art of Living magazine, Photography Dré Wouters 



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