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The artificial Palm islands in Dubai are well known. Island life is fantastic because of the great inside-outside connection with the surrounding environment, inviting the quiet calm of nature and water inside, enjoying a maximum level of privacy and the ability to create your own special paradise.  The Dutch are well known for shaping the landscape to their liking. Still, In Holland it is very unique to have your own personal island and build your house there. Our Island Villa is fortunate to be one of six houses that each are built on their own artificial island. 

There’s a driveway over the water to the entrance from the street. Unlike the streetside facade, the facade at the garden side opens up to its green outdoor environment.

To guarantee privacy when enjoying being outside in the garden, an artificial hill is made from reused sand from the construction pit. This way several green sheltered places are created to enjoy the calm of the outdoors sheltered from the wind, as well as enjoying your privacy. Towards the water, the waterfront terrace has a jetty-like character, and you can say hello to the people passing by on the water, while towards the house the completely secluded terrace seems like an extension of the living room.

The hill is cut in two to create a narrow passageway from the house towards the water, guiding you straight through the green bushy hill, following earthy brown robust Corten steel metal plates alongside the path.

All of the rooms of the Island Villa are connected to the outdoors. The living room is connected to the outside terrace and on the first floor the bedrooms, fitness area and bathroom are all connected directly to an outside terrace. So for instance when inside the bath, you feel as if you are outside in the sunshine when the glass facade is opened and the fresh air and outdoor sounds will soothe you.

The light and minimalistic aesthetic of the interior combines the colour white with warm, organic wooden accents and clean lines to create a calming modern retreat that is called Island Villa.

Photographs - Copyright: The Art of Living magazine, Photography Jaro van Meerten


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